Want a side hustle on top of your full-time job? We asked Chelsea Dela Torre, the owner of Lá Candelle & Co., about the pros, cons, and whether it's a good fit.

These days, it is no longer unusual to find someone with more than one job. In fact, according to the Commission on Population and Development (PopCom), most Filipinos actually need to have two to three jobs in order to avoid poverty. 

This may explain why, according to the Deloitte 2023 Millennial and Gen Z survey released last June, 71% of millennials and 65% of Gen Zs in the country have opted to take additional side jobs. While many have chosen to be part of the gig economy to earn additional income, those with resources have chosen to open their own businesses instead. 

However, having a side business is easier said than done, especially when you have to balance it with a full-time job. That being said, is this way of earning additional income for everybody? 

We asked Chelsea Dela Torre, the owner of Lá Candelle & Co—a meme-inspired candle business she started during the pandemic—about the pros and cons of having a side hustle despite working full-time.

Did you start off as an entrepreneur or did you have to work your way towards becoming one? What was your journey like?

I had to work my way towards becoming an entrepreneur. Initially, I was hesitant to start Lá Candelle because I didn't have any family members with experience in starting and running a business. I had to navigate this uncharted territory entirely on my own—from sourcing suppliers to handling production and marketing my products.

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