A little can go a long way and Kai Sy has proven just that with her print and design studio business LYA Studios—which she started with just PHP 5,000.

On the verge of burning out, no thanks to the stress from her full-time job, Kaylah “Kai” Sy made the ultimate choice. And so, with just PHP 5,000 capital and her creativity, she started her very own business—selling custom phone cases that had her doodles on it. This soon paid off... literally, as the business-savvy artist now brings in 6 figures a month!

That was pretty much how Kai started LYA Studios 10 years ago. “It [Php 5,000] mostly went to sending custom-made products to bloggers to make the brand known,” she explains. 

Kai admits that it wasn’t easy starting a side business while still having a full-time job. For one thing, she had to learn how to balance her time because she often only got to do orders once she was home from work. “Once I got the hang of it, it was fulfilling in a sense that I was doing something that I really like and it’s a plus that I get to earn from it as well,” she says.

Following the success of her passion project, it's no surprise then that she eventually ended up going beyond just doodling on phone cases to yet another new chapter in her entrepreneurial journey.

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