Work Bubble Program: How To Keep Employees Safe Amid The Pandemic

With the growing COVID-19 cases fast affecting the business sector, we look into how companies can keep their businesses afloat—the safe way.

Apart from the negative impact on sales, the continuing coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the business operations of many companies—mostly because a significant portion of the workforce has to be quarantined due to positive coronavirus infections.

While work-from-home arrangements are becoming the norm, companies that need people on hand to actually produce their products and services are negatively impacted when their employees are found to be infected.

Of Growing COVID-19 Cases and Understaffed Businesses

Many companies feel that they are in a conundrum. On one hand, their strict implementation of testing and quarantine protocols have prevented the spread of the virus. But on the other hand, the strict implementation has hampered their operations, especially when employees are found infected and have to be sent home, leaving the company short-handed.

Those companies who regularly conduct antigen testing of employees are reporting positive coronavirus infection rates as high as forty percent (40%) of the employee population. Thus, the common observation is that the more you test, the higher the infection rate of your workforce. And this leaves companies in a bind.