From opening small stalls near colleges to multiple branches across the Metro, Korean chicken brand 24 Chicken has grown into an empire.

Without a doubt, the Philippines has been hit by the Korean wave. From Korean pop songs, dramas, and idol groups making their rounds among Filipinos—both young and old alike—it also makes sense for Korean food to fit into their orbit.

While Korean food in itself is diverse, a top-of-mind choice includes Korean chicken. Crispy, meaty, and coated in a glaze, Korean chicken grew in popularity because of its frequent appearance in many K-drama series (usually paired with soju or beer). But beyond that, its affordability, accessibility, and delicious taste have made it a cult favorite.

However, Korean chicken in its truest form is oftentimes spicy and fiery hot. And not many people can handle that here in the country. This, along with how versatile chicken can be, is the reason why Korean chicken has been reinvented in ways that suit the local palate—resulting in many different flavors and brands all across the Metro like Jack Daniels, Snow Cheese, and even a not-spicy lemon glazed variant.

One example includes 24 Chicken. One of the few local shops that pioneered Korean chicken here in the country, the brand was established in the year 2017 by three friends. "It started when my partners, Jeff Sy and Jefferson Uy, and I visited South Korea for vacation," shares Mark Ong, the president of 24 Chicken. We saw how Korean fried chicken was widely available to everyone in South Korea. It was affordable, delicious, and best shared with friends and family."

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