Creating an ideal workplace for women is crucial in keeping them motivated and retaining them in your company. In this article, we list must-haves that they want and need.

According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, women leaders are resigning from their companies at a higher rate than men leaders. Specifically, numbers from McKinsey show that in 2021, the percentage of voluntary attribution by women leaders is at 10.5%, while the percentage for men leaders is at 9%. 

Women leave due to a variety of reasons, including burnout, to raise a family, or the desire to look for a different work culture that values gender equality, and career advancement. Thus, companies need to create an ideal workplace that will motivate and keep them happy in order to retain their women leaders—or their women employees in general.

The answer? Provide concrete solutions to the reasons that cause them to leave in the first place. In particular, said solutions should target the needs that are specific to women. In this article, we list five examples of what women want that should be present in the workplace. 

Gender Parity 

Stories of female Hollywood actors having to fight for equal pay have hit the news in the last couple of years—thus highlighting the gender pay gap problem in the film industry. Sadly, this problem is not unique to Hollywood stars. Women receiving lower pay than men despite holding the same position have unfortunately become a common grievance in different industries. 

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