The pandemic has undoubtedly been an erratic and chaotic period, and people are now prioritizing their mental health and well-being. Here’s how your business can appeal to them.

According to Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2023 report, 53% of consumers have set a strict boundary between work or school and their personal lives in 2022. This comes as no surprise, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lockdowns that forced people to work and study at home. 

“Fatigue is setting in as consumers navigate chaotic and erratic times,” the report says. “Things that once mattered don’t matter—at least, not in the way they did before.”  

Because of this, many people have placed a greater priority on their mental well-being and refuse to deplete too much of their energy and overwork themselves. These consumers are what Euromonitor refers to as the Thrivers. Described as those who “are hitting pause, taking a step back and letting go of anything outside of their control," Thrivers put their personal needs above anything else.

And yes, this means focusing on their peace of mind, well-being, and even solace. 

As the world continues to deal with the pandemic and, eventually, its aftermath, it is important for your business to appeal to Thrivers—both within your company and in your target market. 

Appealing to the Thrivers Among Your Employees

Employees who are Thrivers put a lot of value on their work-life balance, as many have felt overwhelmed by the pandemic and its effects on their work habits and office culture. In fact, 45% of consumers said in 2022 that they felt under constant pressure to get things done, as recorded in the Global Consumer Trends 2023 report.

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