[VIDEO] The Beauty of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration, According to Nikki Tang and Charles Mandy of DMark Beauty and DermAsia

As pioneers of today’s beauty and medical aesthetics industries, Nikki Tang and Charles Mandy share their formula for success in maintaining a position of leadership with DMark Beauty and DermAsia.

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When Nikki Tang founded DMark Beauty and DermAsia, she became a pioneer in the beauty industry twice. She achieved this first with DMark Beauty, a distributor of scientifically-proven beauty brands like Heliocare, Neostrata, Bioderma, Coverderm, Sebamed, and Puressentiel. Then with her brother Charles Mandy, she put up DermAsia and became a pioneering distributor of medical aesthetic devices to centers, hospitals, and clinics around the Philippines.

Nikki Tang has made a name for herself in the industry as the multi-awarded CEO of both DMark Beauty and DermAsia, while her brother Charles Mandy is the latter's Managing Director. In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, the two reveal success secrets and future plans for their respective brands and share what it's like working together as siblings.

"From an early age, I knew I wanted to make a difference in people's lives through beauty empowerment,” Nikki says. “As I delved into the industry, the vision of creating a business that would not only offer exceptional products but also empower individuals became clearer."

Charles, however, started out with a different mindset. "My career journey initially led me to explore various fields, but one common thread was our shared entrepreneurial spirit," he explains.

Founded in 1998, DMark Beauty aims to revolutionize the field of skincare and beauty aesthetics across the Philippines by distributing effective anti-aging skincare products, along with minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. To date, the company has been awarded with the Presidential Award by the Philippine Dermatological Society in 2016, the SME Company of the Year Award by the Asia CEO Awards in 2017, and the Philippine Dermatological Society Appreciation Award in 2020, among other honors.

"The idea resonated deeply with both of us, and we believed that by joining forces, we could create something truly special and impactful in the industry," says Charles about his collaborative partnership with Nikki. "And so, our journey as business partners began, and it has been a remarkable and rewarding ride ever since."

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