LOOK: 3 Powerful Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business Owners

Artificial Intelligence has been making waves all over the internet and disrupting many industries. In this article, we look into which AI tools are useful for businesses.

Even before the pandemic, people have begun to embrace the digital era with the continuous innovation in mobile phones and computers, and connectivity through social media. Then the game-changer happened—the pandemic.

During those years of lockdown and social distancing, the use of technology has grown exponentially, with day-to-day activities like paying, buying, or even selling taking place in the digital space. And with people now hyper-connected and more open to digitally-driven innovations, innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have debuted.

For the longest time, people have had the notion that AI can just be seen in robot and space exploration-themed movies. However, this 2023, AI became a trend on the internet because of its jaw-dropping practical uses—part of which includes easing business operations. 

According to Wharton University, companies can now use AI to automate operations, improve service, analyze customer insights, and utilize it to create new products and services. Therefore, it is definitely high time that business owners wield technology to better serve their customers. These are just some of the useful AI tools that business owners can use.


Logos are essential in the identity of a business. Customers can associate a product or service with its logo, which inspires brand recall. But not all entrepreneurs have the design skills or the budget to hire a graphic designer. In fact, in the Philippines, the starting cost of a logo is PHP 1,500 pesos and up. That can be pricey for a starting entrepreneur.

Enter brandmark.io. Unlike other design tools that need at least basic design skills, the website just requires users to input keywords that describe their brand. 

Logos Made Easier: How Brandmark.io uses keywords to design logos.

Users must then choose their preferred color style. Within less than a minute, Brandmark.io will automatically generate multiple logo options. Moreover, the chosen logo can be customized and enhanced—from the logo’s colors to the fonts, icons, and even layout.


At some point, entrepreneurs will need to have compelling decks to present to their potential partners. In advertising and sales, for instance, decks are proven to convert and close deals. But aside from the design skill needed, making presentations can take up so much time. 

With beautiful.ai, entrepreneurs can finally have eye-catching presentations in just a nick of time. To start, users just need to command the DesignerBot to build a presentation. By feeding the program more specific words to describe the purpose of the presentation, the bot can generate a better presentation. 

Create Beautiful Presentations: How a specific prompt can generate a compelling deck.

In just seconds, the DesignerBot will generate multiple slides—including cover slides, general content, and even chart slides! Users just need to tweak the layout to their liking, and the content to beef up their presentation. From a simple yet unique prompt, entrepreneurs can have a complete deck for their business.

DeepBrain AI

In business, videos are important in effectively educating the target audience about the utility of a product or service. However, shooting and editing videos are pricey, especially for starting entrepreneurs. DeepBrain AI can be a solution to this.  

“99% reality AI avatar,” is the promise of DeepBrain AI. With that, users can generate videos with a talking AI that follows the users’ own text-to-speech script. In fact, the program offers a lot of AI avatar models that use different languages and come from different nationalities. Entrepreneurs can then customize their videos, based on the preferences of their target audience. 

99% Real: A collection of AI models that can host AI-generated videos.

DeepBrain videos can also be used to create social media content like Tiktok, as it requires rapid and daily content to stay relevant. Automating a task as taxing as filming can be a solution to a lot of entrepreneurs’ pain regarding content-making. 

The market may be more open to innovations such as Artificial intelligence, however, detractors and fear are still there. Since intelligence in AI is artificial, people say that the solutions provided by it lack the human touch, obviously. This may be true—however, in the context of business, entrepreneurs will most likely prefer to automate tasks that will optimize their business operations.

Like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is already disrupting many industries. Some say that the AI gold rush is now happening. Now, it is in the entrepreneurs’ hands whether to adopt the technology and leverage it for the improvement of their businesses.