Artificial Intelligence has been making waves all over the internet and disrupting many industries. In this article, we look into which AI tools are useful for businesses.

Even before the pandemic, people have begun to embrace the digital era with the continuous innovation in mobile phones and computers, and connectivity through social media. Then the game-changer happened—the pandemic.

During those years of lockdown and social distancing, the use of technology has grown exponentially, with day-to-day activities like paying, buying, or even selling taking place in the digital space. And with people now hyper-connected and more open to digitally-driven innovations, innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have debuted.

For the longest time, people have had the notion that AI can just be seen in robot and space exploration-themed movies. However, this 2023, AI became a trend on the internet because of its jaw-dropping practical uses—part of which includes easing business operations. 

According to Wharton University, companies can now use AI to automate operations, improve service, analyze customer insights, and utilize it to create new products and services. Therefore, it is definitely high time that business owners wield technology to better serve their customers. These are just some of the useful AI tools that business owners can use.

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