By using local ingredients that suit the modern palate, Tinapayan Festival reinvented the well-loved pandesal in so many healthy ways.

Pandesal is part and parcel of every Filipino's life. While seemingly simplistic, this humble bread is affordable, filling, and very versatile. It's a blank canvas that can be enjoyed in so many ways—from dipping it in coffee, filling it with your choice of meat, cheese, and spread, or even enjoying it as is.

Some, however, seek to reinvent the very form of the pandesal. In fact, the pandemic saw the rise of many flavored pandesal variants. These include the highly popular Ube and Cheese, as well as other quirky variants like Red Velvet or Butternut.

But before all these game-changers, there was Tinapayan Festival. Established in 1982 by Lucito “Chito” Chavez, the bakeshop celebrates 40 years of selling soft and sweet baked products. Beyond its highly popular (and diverse selection) of pandesal, Tinapayan Festival's bestsellers include the cheesy loaf, ensaymada, and cheese rolls, which the Filipino tastebuds have patronized throughout the years.

What's more, Tinapayan Festival has always committed to innovating its products in order to adapt to the ever-changing times. This is how they've stood the test of time—even during t

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