The owner of Sunny East Side Photo Studio shares her journey as an entrepreneur and how she was able to build an extensive portfolio of clients at such a young age.

Many young people have barely figured out what they want to do with their lives in their 20s—let alone their careers. That’s not exactly the case with Thurees Obenza, who became a business owner of a product photography studio Sunny East Side Photo Studio at the very young age of 23.

That's not all. Through her business, she has worked with numerous well-known brands like Happy Skin, Colourette Cosmetics, BonChon Chicken, and Don Henrico’s. And even then, her portfolio has been growing, as her clients have always been happy with her work.

What many may not know is that her road to success began even before Thurees graduated from college. Here’s her story. 

Being Her Own Boss

Thurees shares that she was already a freelancer—even before she could finish her studies. “I did freelance jobs throughout my college life just because I already knew back then that I had to work for the things that I wanted,” she says. “I already knew I wanted to be self-sufficient.” 

But at that time, she didn’t really know that she wanted to be an entrepreneur because freelancing was all she knew. Eventually, she found herself “stuck being unable to come to terms with the idea of working under anyone in the field I was interested in.” It was then that she decided that she preferred being her own boss.

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