Why This Group Thinks We Need 180,000 Cybersecurity Professionals

According to the president of the National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines, anyone can become a cybersecurity expert.

With digital fraud attempts rising by 80% (versus pre-pandemic levels) in 2022, it has become clear that cybersecurity threats are a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The thing is, the Philippines seems to not have enough cybersecurity professionals in the country. 

In fact, according to the National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines (NADPOP), the country needs around 180,000 cybersecurity professionals. And according to a report, the group says the need for thousands of cybersecurity professionals comes with the rise of digitalization across different industries and sectors.

Furthermore, this number of cybersecurity professionals is needed to cover about 10% of companies—as well as infrastructures involved in finance, healthcare, and utilities, among others. 

NADPOP President on Cybersecurity Professionals

NADPOP President Sam Jacoba said in an interview that anyone can actually become a cybersecurity expert. This is as long as the person has the proper education and certification for it. He even added that having a background in information technology (IT) and computer science is an advantage. 

The NADPOP President further stressed the need to incorporate cybersecurity courses in the school curriculum. In fact, it is their group’s call for the Department of Education to add such courses as early as kindergarten. 

How This Affects Businesses 

With the rise of digitization, fraudulent customers and transactions have been a serious concern for businesses in the country. This is because such customers and transactions can lead to losing income, identity theft, and more. 

To protect themselves against these kinds of threats, companies should invest in cybersecurity measures that will protect their business. However, the lack of cybersecurity professionals can be a concern for those looking to hire for their companies. 

Because of this, it will greatly benefit companies no matter what sector or industry if the country can increase the number of cybersecurity professionals it has.