The owner of branding and social media management agency Izi Social shares her girl boss journey, which started with just her laptop and a lot of coffee.

Among the millions of people here in the Philippines, 84.45 million of them are social media users. That is equal to 72.5% of our total population!

This staggering number is a driving force behind the decision of many businesses to have a social media presence. Not only is it a platform that lets them advertise their products and service, but it has also become a venue for customer service and even to earn and make sales. 

However, marketing and trying to make a sale on social media are more complicated than many entrepreneurs realize. It is not just about posting daily on social media or having an account on every platform available. It can get a lot more complicated and tedious than that, which can be a problem for businesses that don’t know how to properly do their branding and social media management.

These are the very same concerns that Zia Lim, the owner of the branding and social media management agency Izi Social, hopes to address with her business. This is her story. 

Leaving the Corporate World Behind 

Like many young professionals, Zia started off her career in the corporate world with the goal of steadily climbing the corporate ladder. “I wanted to be one of those women who have high and respected positions in a big company. This goal excited me so much that I only took a one-week break after college graduation before I started working to hopefully be someone in the real world," she recalls.

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