LOOK: These Private Companies Agree to Conduct Random Drug Testing

These random drug tests are part of the Department of Interior and Local Government’s effort to mitigate illegal drug use in the workplace. Here’s what we know about it so far.

Given that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) was able to seize PHP 1.37 billion worth of illegal substances from November 2022 to February 2023, possession and the use of illegal substances are still pressing concerns. It is, therefore, not a surprise that the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is stepping up to address the issue—particularly in private companies. 

That being said, it has been announced that the DILG has launched a program called “Buhay Ingatan, Droga’y Ayawan” (BIDA), which calls for random drug testing and rehabilitation in private companies, according to a report by the Manila Standard.

“[The] BIDA Program is all about shared responsibility in countering illegal drugs, and BIDA Workplace is our bid to forge dependable partnerships with the private sector,” says DILG Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. in a statement.

“You will take care of your own internal mechanism, but what is important is that every company would have a drug policy because they will be afraid to use it,” he adds. 

Over 100 Companies to Participate in BIDA Program

According to a report by the Philippine News Agency (PNA), over 100 private companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the DILG. These companies include:

What Happens When Workers Refuse to Get Tested?

The BIDA Program calls for random drug testing to be conducted in the workplace, but what happens when workers refuse to get tested? Unfortunately, workers can face company sanctions—should they refuse to get tested for illegal drugs. 

DILG Secretary Abalos, however, has pointed out that should any employee test positive, it is up to the company to decide on what to do. He notes that what his agency wants is for drug testing to be conducted.

Illegal drugs have been a long-time issue here in the country that the government has been actively fighting. As citizens of the country, everyone has to do their part in mitigating illegal drug use, and this is exactly what private companies are doing by participating in the BIDA program. 

In turn, aside from being afraid of losing their jobs or even landing in jail due to the use of illegal drugs, employees should also refrain from using such substances because of the negative effects they have on one’s health.