TEDxADMU Highlights Empowerment in Latest Local TEDx event

The latest series of stimulating talks will be featured in Ateneo de Manila in this year’s TEDxADMU event titled TEXxADMU: Genesis.

The latest series of thought-provoking talks will be featured at one of the country’s top universities at this year’s TEDxADMU event titled TEDxADMU: Genesis.

The event will showcase six distinguished speakers sharing their insights on topics related to empowering current and future generations in our society. 

Vogue Philippines Art Director Jann Pascua will talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and art. Pascua’s pivotal role in shaping the magazine reflects his passion for crafting narratives that celebrate Filipino creativity and culture on a global stage.

Professional voice actress Inka Magnaye will share her thoughts about communication. Magnaye, who is the first Philippine-based artist to join the DC Universe, is renowned for her dynamic presence and unwavering advocacy for body positivity.

Licensed psychometrician and researcher Justine Danielle Reyes will discuss delusions and its impact on Gen Z. Reyes posts educational content about psychology and mental health on TikTok and hosts a podcast called Therapy for Takeout, where she shares the lessons she learned in therapy as well as her love for psychology.

On the topic of resilience, online educational content creator, author, podcast host, and dynamic speaker Lyqa Maravilla will share her insights. Maravilla was the top scorer in the 2013 Civil Service Exam and serves on Google Philippines’ Advisory Working Group for Digiskarteng Pinay.

Maria Rita Reyes Cucio, a research fellow and associate professor of Political Science at the Far Eastern University, will explore the topic of new beginnings in her talk. Cucio received her doctoral degree in Development Studies in 2020 from De La Salle University Manila.

Finally, Dean Edward A. Mejos, chair of the philosophy department at the University of Asia and the Pacific, will be talking about parenting. Mejos holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas, specializing in Jean-Luc Marion’s notion of love without being. His research focuses on existential phenomenology, particularly exploring human dignity, love, and the impact of family dynamics on civil society. 

TEDxADMU will also feature performances from Filipino pop and indie pop artist Bianca Lipana, aspiring artist of Ballet Philippines Kristina Casandra Longgat, and Filipino drag queen Eva Le Queen.

TEDxADMU will be held at the Hyundai Hall, Areté, Ateneo de Manila University on Saturday, May 25.

TED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to discovering, debating and spreading ideas that spark conversation, deepen understanding and drive meaningful change. It is well known for TED Talks, international talks that are shared online, and its tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading.” TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. 

As one of the largest independently organized TED events in Southeast Asia, TEDxADMU is an upcoming event by the Ateneo de Manila University Community. The event aims to spark conversations, embrace possibility, and catalyze impact through live TED-like talks, seminars, and performances.