How Creating a Better Way to Pay Taxes Led to Tech Start-up Triumph: Ginger and EJ Arboleda, Co-Founders of Taxumo, on Start-up Success

Through Taxumo, every small business owner has not just an online solution to paying taxes, but also a dedicated partner in their corner.

Everyone loves a tech start-up. From Airbnb to Uber, the stories of tech startups are revered, studied, but rarely repeated. Undoubtedly, humble beginnings play a role in our fascination with these companies–they start small then scale to mammoth proportions within years. Big brain strategies are another draw; keen market insight or industry disruption are often a part of their formula for astronomical success. In the Philippines the banner of tech start-ups has been taken up by a handful of young businesses. Among these is Taxumo, a start-up business that has created a better way of paying taxes, and, in the process, become every small business owner’s best friend and partner.