In a competitive food industry, it takes creativity and skill to stand out. With Tasteless Food Group's diverse portfolio of restaurants, CEO Charles Paw does just that. Here's how.

Tall, unassuming, and with the kindest eyes, Charles Paw exudes quiet confidence when he enters a room. When he starts talking business, you know he means just that.

Presently, he sits as a partner at Hydra and the President of Digital Walker and Beyond the Box. But he is foremost known as the CEO of Tasteless Food Group (TFG)—a restaurant group that boasts of a wide chain of restaurants.

"Tasteless does not take itself too seriously. Tasteless does not copy anyone. Tasteless does not follow trends. Tasteless does not veer away from the unconventional, playful, and ironic," their site reads. "Yet, Tasteless doesn’t just build restaurants: we focus on innovation, design, and creativity in food. We want to lead the restaurant industry by pushing what’s possible."

And they have done so successfully! To date, TFG houses international franchises and local concepts in its portfolio, including Bad Bird, Hanamaruken Ramen, Pizza Express, Poison Doughnuts, Scout’s Honor, The Grid, Your Local, and a slew of others. At the helm of all this is Charles Paw and in this exclusive interview, he reveals how he successfully made a name for himself in the food business.

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