Taking Risks, Serving Quality, and Sharing Successes Are Illo’s Group’s Winning Recipe to Building a Legacy

Beginning with the love for food, matched with humane customer service, Illo’s Group invites us to its homes of delightful dining experiences.

In whatever culture you are part of, wherever you may be from, you know that food always brings people together. More often than not, members of the family coming from each other’s work go straight to the dining table. Friends assemble the group for a hangout over their favorite food. Lovers date in romance over their favorite menu. While eating, precious conversations are exchanged, and updates on each other’s lives are shared. That is how food wonderfully impacts us all—it connects us. This is the very essence of the Illo’s Group.

Prospering in Pandemic

Illo’s Home Buffet Makati Branch Grand Opening. Attended by (from left to right) Maq Agapito, Michelle Vito, Andrea Del Rosario, Chef N Rovillos, Karen Davila

Just when the projectile of the COVID-19 crisis lowered as years went by, it rapidly went up again because of such a new variant. Nonetheless, a food group saw a silver lining. With just the right mix of calculated risks, courage, and passion, Illo’s Group launched their business amidst the crisis that achieved success eventually. The company introduced its first form of business, Illo’s Party Trays: a food tray delivery business. Illo’s Party Trays is well-patronized by its audiences during these strict times that in just a matter of two years, it gave birth to not only one, but two food brands: Illo’s Home and Illo’s Home Buffet.

Sharing the Success

Illo’s Home Buffet Seafood Paella, Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra

Illo’s Home, an elevated à la carte dining concept, was introduced in their flagship restaurant in Parañaque. Illo’s Home Buffet, a premium buffet dining experience, was then introduced in Greenhills. Both of which were launched just this year. With these new homes for delightful dining experiences came new opportunities not only to reach its customers in those areas but also offering employment openings that were much in high demand during these challenging times.

“[The expansion of the Illo’s Group] also becomes another opportunity for us to help more people by providing additional jobs and livelihood,” shared Chef N Rovillos, CEO of Illo’s Group.

Pleasing the Palate

Illo’s Home Buffet Roast Beef

Indeed, the expansion of a brand is a sign of a healthy and functioning business. With its keen attention to details and quality of their food offerings, complemented with satisfying customer service, Illo’s Group confidently invites you to its homes for beautiful dining experiences.

Both Illo’s Home and Illo’s Home Buffet serve its most sought-after menu: Beef Kare-Kare, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Baked Salmon, Beef Stew, and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Their patronized paellas like Paella Negra, Seafood Paella, and Paella Valenciana are also available to order.

The family favorites of premium meats such as Balamban Lechon Belly, Chicken Galantine, Pork Tomahawk Steak, and Roast Beef are also available through the buffet’s Carving Station. For a smooth start, the buffet’s Appetizer Section offers bite-size and filing starters. There is a selection of juices at the Beverage Station also that you can choose from. Plus, for those eyeing an ideal date night, it offers an unlimited serving of Sangria and Mojito. To complete the dining experience with a sweet finish, the Dessert Station offers an array of cakes and pastries, confectionaries, and unlimited ice cream.  

We are a purpose-driven business, and our goal is to provide Filipinos with excellent food and enrich their celebrations,” shared Anne Rovillos, President of Illo’s Group.

Lasting the Legacy

Success on top of success, especially during challenging times, is a good reflection of a company’s culture and philosophy in the industry, to its staff, and valued customers.

With the growing demand for Illo’s offerings, the group added another Illo’s Home Buffet in Makati Palace Hotel, along the busy street of Burgos, an adjacent neighborhood of the famous vibrant spots in Poblacion. It was recently opened this September 20, 2022.

“When we opened Illo’s Home early this year, the inspiration is to extend our experience at home to theirs, but with Home Buffet, the aspiration becomes farther, bigger and wider,” Chef N declared.

On top of this new branch added, in response to the positive feedback and high demand from its growing patrons, both Illo’s Home Buffet in Greenhills and in Makati branches expanded its total capacity to 500 seats. Moreso, they are offering flexible dining schedule options to accommodate the increasing number of customers. From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., late lunch from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., early dinner from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and late dinner from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., customers are advised to book ahead in ensuring their seats at their most favorable time. 

Up at this point, there is no stopping Illo’s Group. It remains passionate about connecting with its customers from other areas. Illo’s Group eyes on expanding its reach to key places such as Alabang, Baguio, Quezon City, and Tagaytay early next year through their franchising program for their Illo’s Home brand.

Illo’s Home Buffet Balamban Lechon Belly

The story for Illo’s Group is beautifully flourishing, and it all began with food. Since then, it has connected with lots of people from different walks of life. This has been the essence of Illo’s Group: to connect with people and create a sense of family and home through food. That is why it was naturally welcomed by its customers that became patrons and loyal to the group.

“When your thoughts are genuinely focused on being a blessing to others, blessings have a way to come back to you,” says Chef N.

You can catch the latest updates of Illo’s Home and Home Buffet on their Facebook and Instagram. You may also watch this YouTube for a walkthrough of Illo Home Buffet. You can also contact them at (+63)915-312-8941 or (+632)8-779 8696 for inquiries and reservations. For more details on franchising, you may email Illo’s Group at [email protected].