From offering world-class dining to providing exceptional service, the newly-appointed General Manager of Conrad Manila Fabio Berto believes in always giving a unique experience.

Barely six months on the job, Fabio Berto, the newly appointed General Manager of Conrad Manila has successfully steered the hotel to the front of the port. Of Italian descent, Berto has 30 years of hotel experience. He started working as a bellboy during summer breaks in his early teens and from there, he became a commis de rang (front waiter) in Switzerland.

This was followed by continued advancements in positions and responsibility across several luxury properties in France and London. “I joined the Hilton London Metropole in 2003 as Director of Sales before moving to Hilton East London Cluster, then Rome Cavalieri in Waldorf Astoria, and Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on The Bund as Commercial Director. Before moving to the Philippines, I held my first General Manager post in Hilton Niseko Village Japan,” recounts Berto.

But why didn’t he try working in another field? “I loved the daily dynamic activities inside the hotel. Early on, I knew that the hospitality industry is where I want to leave my mark. I was drawn to the excitement, hosting events, meeting celebrities and personalities—the luxury lifestyle appealed to me,” he continues animatedly.

Communication, Execution, and Success

Fabio Berto starts his day early. After breakfast, he reads his emails and walks around the grounds.  Then, he meets with all the heads of the departments to get feedback on the previous day’s output and takes note of the company's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). After all, as a hands-on manager, he believes in the ethos of “leading by example.”  

Upon arriving in the country, Berto’s first objective was to get to know his team. “Introducing myself, knowing each person, and effectively communicating our corporate goals are crucial to our collective success," he reveals.

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