Social Media for Good: Empowering TikTok Influencers to Become Change Makers

TikTok harnesses its influence for social change with its Change Makers Program, an initiative that empowers creators and non-profit groups from the Philippines and the rest of the world.

TikTok has unveiled its Change Makers Program, an initiative that spotlights creators and non-profit groups who are dedicated to social change. The program is part of the social media platform’s movement, #TikTokforGood, which gives users a worldwide stage as well as specific tools to spread their message.

TikTok was founded in 2016 as a social media platform that focuses on short videos. It was quickly catapulted to widespread popularity on the back of entertaining dance and lip-sync videos. 

In recent years, TikTok has become the de facto platform for influencers and brands. Since 2021, it has been, according to Cloudflare, the most popular domain online. Top marketers and big brands have paid attention. In 2024, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, 69% of brands utilize the content site. This is far ahead of TikTok’s nearest competitors, Instagram (47%), YouTube (33%), and Facebook (28%).

Now, TikTok is pointing its considerable influence towards social change with the Change Makers Program.

A Platform for Social Change: The TikTok Change Makers Program

TikTok’s Change Makers Program aims to support socially conscious creators to reach brand new audiences and build communities dedicated to their advocacies. Beyond the digital domain, it seeks to help creators capitalize on real-world opportunities, such as donations, to create real and lasting social change.

tiktok influencers for social change

Change Maker in Focus: Celine Murillo

As TikTok launches its Change Makers Program, it puts the spotlight on one of its Philippine creators, Celene Murillo, who is a photographer, filmmaker and environmentalist. She embodies how TikTok empowers its creators to reach a broader audience and contribute to social change.

Her videos on native Philippine trees and the “Boom Tarat Tarat” bird are prime examples of how TikTok content can raise awareness for causes that are close to its creators’ hearts.

Speaking about her goals, Celine Murillo says, “Humans are part of the natural world–I hope to remind people of this fact through my stories and content that promotes Philippine biodiversity and our natural heritage.”

What Is TikTok for Good?

TikTok for Good provides creators and organizations a set of tools to help them achieve their goals for social change. It empowers them in three ways: 

  • Account Management – Guidance is the keyword for TikTok for Good’s account management tool. Knowing best practices can help creators manage their content better.
  • Advanced Analytics -TikTok’s advanced analytics can help creators better understand how their audience is developing.
  • Promoted Hashtags – Creators and non-profit organizations can unlock increased reach through promoted hashtags.

Today, over 50,000 posts can be discovered through the #TikTokforGood hashtag. Collectively, it brings togethers socially-minded creators, organizations, and businesses.

The Change Makers Grant

As TikTok embarks on this journey for social change, it is also donating over $1 million to over 30 organizations from all over the world. Each Change Maker will receive a $25,000 direct donation for their respective advocacies.

Kim Farrell, TikTok’s Head of Creators, says, “The TikTok global community harnesses creative self-expression to drive positive impact by rallying support, raising awareness, and advocating for the causes they truly care about. We’re proud to launch the TikTok Change Makers Program to help social impact creators and non-profit organizations reach more communities, unlock real-world opportunities, and bring about lasting, meaningful change.”

To learn more about the TikTok Change Makers Program, use the hashtag #TikTokforGood and visit the local content hub.