ARQCapital Partners (ARQ) is pushing “smart capital” investments by raising P1.5 billion to fund 50 high-growth medium enterprises (MEs) over the next two years.

Many businesses have started out from humble beginnings—whether this includes hole-in-the-wall establishments, mom-and-pop stores, or even home-based online businesses. When the right cards are played, these concepts grow into big names that are known and loved by many.

Thing is, all businesses, regardless of size, need a sizeable capital—investment money for materials, equipment, manpower, and the like. But with all the risks involved and not having enough to start with, many budding business owners funding through partners, or in some cases, smart capital investors.

What exactly is a smart capital investor? Fundsup defines it as an "entrepreneurial, self-made, high-net-worth individual with a DIY [do-it-yourself] mentality towards managing their own wealth [and] directly providing smart capital to the next generation of entrepreneurs." And Philippine mezzanine investor ARQCapital Partners (ARQ) does that.

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