Distributorship for the Win: Selling Over 3 Million Products Online, According to Acee and Carlo Paita of Juju Glow

With over three million products sold to date, Acee and Carlo Paita, the founders of Juju Glow, reveal how a good marketing and distributorship strategy will help a brand grow.

People believe that words hold power and the same holds true for Acee and Carlo Paita—the power couple behind the multi-million beauty brand Juju Glow. Taking inspiration from the meaning of the word "juju," a positive, magnetic power—or simply, an energy or vibe that anyone can create or give off—this became the foundation of the brand Juju Glow.

"Cute siya pakinggan. Catchy. Let’s go with Juju Glow," Carlo recalls when asked about how the name came to be.

"Then after that, lahat ng names ng mga products namin, siya yung nagiisip and parang feeling ko, lucky charm ko siya," Acee adds. "Kapag inisip niya yung brand name, nagboboom talaga siya."

[Translation: Then after that, Carlo would think of the names for all our products. I felt that he was my lucky charm. Whenever he thinks of the brand name, it sells really well.]

Whether "lucky charm" or because the beauty industry in itself was thriving in the Philippines, the result was still the same: a whopping 3 million plus products sold since its inception in 2021.

Established during the tail-end of the pandemic in 2021, Juju Glow was born from Acee's longtime dream of owning her own business. This, paired with the couple's goal of providing affordable but effective Korean-inspired beauty products to the everyday Filipino, resulted in Juju Glow—a game-changer in the beauty industry.

In this exclusive interview with The Business Manual, the two reveal how they were able to start their business, develop products that were instantly well-received, build a loyal customer base, and establish a strong distributor network—all in less than 3 years.

Settling on a Niche Product

Although the two are known as the brains behind Juju Glow, Acee and Carlo's respective origins did not immediately lead them down the path of beauty—as Acee was an events manager, while Carlo was a software developer.