A good product photo makes all the difference, especially for online businesses, so we ask filmmaker Jag Concepcion for photography tips that will help sell your product.

When it comes to selling a product, many may argue that showing is just as important as telling. And rightfully so! According to data from LinkedIn, 75% of online shoppers actually rely on product photos before deciding whether or not to buy something. 

This highlights how crucial product photos are in making a sale—whether you own an online business or a retail brand with multiple store branches in the country. However, product photography takes skills. It's not as simple as putting your product somewhere with a nice background and taking photos of it. 

In order to achieve that eye-catching, sale-worthy photo, a lot of planning and organizing goes into setting up a product shoot. To help you out, we asked filmmaker Jag Concepcion to share his tips and advice—based on his experience in both product photography and videography. 

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