This Company’s #SafeWASH Program Emphasizes the Importance of Handwashing

The donation is made to commemorate Global Handwashing Day, which is celebrated every year on October 15.

Did you know that the average human hand houses 150 different kinds of bacteria? What’s more, most germs can survive on your hands for three hours! The thing is, these germs and bacteria can cause illness—which is why proper handwashing has always been emphasized.

This is why October 15 of every year has even been designated as Global Handwashing Day. That way, the importance of washing your hands is forever highlighted. 

With that, multinational company Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines—which is known for the antibacterial soap Safeguard—has announced that it is donating eco-friendly handwashing stations to 19 schools in Taguig City.

This is part of its commitment to bring health and hygiene to Filipinos across the country. “These eco-friendly handwashing stations will promote proper WASH habits that will help protect students and teachers from disease-causing bacteria and viruses while also championing sustainability,” says King Martin Agoncillo, Corporate Communications Manager at P&G Philippines.

P&G Philippines’ #SafeWASH Program

The donation of eco-friendly handwashing stations is part of the company’s #SafeWASH program. The program is in collaboration with the Manila Water Foundation. 

It aims to bolster efforts to promote the importance of proper handwashing with soap and water in schools. To do this, the program highlights the significance of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) in schools. 

According to the company, the eco-friendly handwashing stations will be constructed in partnership with Green Antz Builders. Eco-bricks, which are made by turning plastic waste into durable building blocks, will be used for the project. 

Why Other Companies Should Do the Same 

The pandemic has reminded everyone that good hygiene is key to having good health. Unfortunately, not every Filipino has the capacity to ensure good health and hygiene due to different factors. 

Businesses play an important role in addressing issues and concerns about health and good hygiene. Those who have the capacity to help should take inspiration from P&G’s #SafeWASH program to spread awareness. Aside from this, businesses can help make services and infrastructure meant to ensure good health and proper hygiene more accessible to Filipinos. 

This can be done by making similar donations like the one done by P&G. Businesses can also explore other awareness initiatives that can promote good hygiene—not just to students, but also to the general public.