The Power of Resilience: Alvin Hing’s Success Story in Agri-business

In a year riddled with worry and setbacks, Alvin Hing comes through the door more self-assured than ever and ready to give back.

As a business owner who hails from the Queen City of the South, Alvin Hing always knew that he would start his own business in Cebu where he was born and raised. Even after his university years, he has made Cebu his home—by raising his own family with his loving wife in the same city.

Farming Success in the Agri-Business

Prior to his venture in the agri-business industry, Alvin had an illustrious career as an executive in different industries and companies. Being an entrepreneur, he understands that challenges as part of the learning process and embraces them as growth opportunities. In fact, he credits his growth as an entrepreneur through his experiences and learnings from his previous bosses and mentors—with whom he maintains great relationships up to this day.

In 2012, Alvin ventured into the agri-business and found his niche, gladly crediting the people that helped get him there. This first business was established with the help of his wife and was followed by his first foray into the swine industry with business partner Paul Holaysan.

Eager to grow and knowing that they needed to learn more, the first challenge was the unavailability of information to make sound decisions—during the set‐up of the nucleus farm. For that, they had to travel abroad to equip themselves with the right knowledge and skills.