Local Coffee Chain Founders Join the Endeavor Global Community

Diego Lorenzo and Jaime González Fernández, the co-founders of PICKUP COFFEE, have been selected by Endeavor to join its network of entrepreneurs.

This local coffee chain has made a name for itself for offering drinks for as low as PHP 50.

2024 is shaping up to be a huge year for coffee chain PICKUP COFFEE. Endeavor, a global community of, by, and for high-impact entrepreneurs, has announced that PICKUP COFFEE’s co-founders, Diego Lorenzo and Jaime González Fernández, are now part of the Endeavor network

The selection was made during the 99th International Selection Panel, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 22 to 24, 2024. Among the panelists who made the selection are Shu Nyatta (Bicycle Capital and Endeavor Global Board Member), Songe LaRon (SQUIRE Technologies, Endeavor Entrepreneur, and Endeavor Western NY Board Member), and Jose Bonilla (Chiper and Endeavor Entrepreneur). 

Founded in 2022, PICKUP COFFEE has made high-quality coffee more affordable and easier to access in the Philippines. In fact, customers can enjoy PICKUP’s beverages for as low as PHP 50. 

Who are Diego Lorenzo and Jaime González Fernández? 

Diego Lorenzo and Jaime González Fernández are two of the four founders of PICKUP COFFEE, along with Miguel Macaalay and Bien Lee. Prior to founding the coffee chain, Diego Lorenzo worked for 12 years in finance and equity firms, including HSBC and Sierra Madre Private Equity. 

After gaining an MBA from the prestigious The Wharton School, he aimed to start a company and focused on the coffee industry. Drawing inspiration from successful models Luckin Coffee (China) and Kopi Kenangan (Indonesia), he sought to do something similar in the Philippines. 

Jaime González Fernández, on the other hand, is actually an aerospace engineer by trade. A Spanish expat, he began his career in Airbus before eventually moving to McKinsey. Similarly to Diego Lorenzo, he earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He then founded his first company, real estate development firm BIGPAT Development. 

It was after that that he met Diego Lorenzo and, together with the other co-founders, launched a coffee company that provides more affordable and accessible beverages to the Filipino people. 

Endeavor Philippines 

With the addition of PICKUP COFFEE’s founders, Endeavor Philippines now supports a total of 46 entrepreneurs in 33 companies. The successful coffee chain joins the following companies in the Endeavor network:

  • Acudeen
  • Adobo Connection
  • Angkas
  • Aqwire (formerly Qwikwire)
  • Ayannah
  • BillEase
  • Bo’s Coffee
  • CloudEats
  • Coins.ph
  • Edamama
  • Equilife Medical 
  • First Circle 
  • FlySpaces
  • Great Deals E-Commerce
  • Growsari
  • Inteluck 
  • Kalibrr
  • Kennemer Foods
  • Kenneth Cobonpue
  • Kumu
  • Lay Bare
  • Lenddo
  • Lhoopa
  • Mineski
  • PSG Global Solutions 
  • Sprout Solutions
  • Storm
  • SwipeRx (formerly mClinica)
  • Tonik
  • uHoo 
  • Xurpas
  • Zark’s Burgers

These companies, due to their selection, have access to “comprehensive, strategic, global support services,” according to Endeavor. These services include the opportunity to meet and learn from local and international business mentors, investors, and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms.