Spotlight on Peach Chirathivat: The Thai Actor-Entrepreneur Who Brought Your Favorite Skincare Brands to the Philippines

By capitalizing on shared Asian values and experiences, Peach Chirathivat of Future Glow Philippines has found a successful formula for entrepreneurial success.

Business is in the blood of Peach Chirathivat, the entrepreneur behind Future Glow Philippines, which is the distributor of beauty and wellness products such as SNAILWHITE, Oxecure and TRIZIE. With such successful brands built locally by Future Glow, Peach has found a formula for entrepreneurial success. But unknown to many Filipinos, he is a Thai actor (starring in the popular Thai crime series “The Believers” which streams on Netflix). And he is also a part of the family that owns Central Group, a multinational conglomerate with businesses in retail, food and beverage, property development, and more. 

“My parents really gave me the freedom to be whoever I wished to be,” Peach Chirathivat says. “We, as a family, believe in hard work. So, I ended up creating my own expectations.” 

These self-made expectations bore fruit in two places: in Thailand, where Peach grew a popular French fry franchise to over 120 branches, and in the Philippines, where he established Future Glow Philippines.

future glow brands
SNAILWHITE and Naked Collagen are just a few of the successful brands that Future Glow has brought to the Philippines.

How did Peach end up putting a business in the Philippines? What are his plans to expand Future Glow? And what can we learn from Peach’s entrepreneurial journey? The Business Manual puts this Asian entrepreneur in the spotlight.

The Potato Corner Connection

While Peach Chirathivat’s family’s entrepreneurial spirit clearly runs strong in his blood, the origin story of Future Glow Philippines began in an unlikely place: Potato Corner. In Thailand, like the Philippines, the French Fry franchise which was originally founded in Manila by Jose Magsaysay Jr. and his partners, proved to be wildly popular. And today, Peach Chirathivat has over 120 stores in Bangkok.

Inspired by this success, Peach and his partners sought out other business ideas that could make the leap from the Philippines to Thailand and from Thailand to the Philippines.

Peach explains, “One of our partners, Nicko [Falcis], really gave us a chance to dream of coming out of Thailand with his expertise and deep understanding of [both markets].”

The breakthrough idea was simple: because Thailand and the Philippines are similar—in the weather, skin concerns, and beauty standards—Peach and his colleagues understood “how we can put ourselves in the way that people need.”

Serving Filipino Consumers

The first product Future Glow brought to the Philippines was SNAILWHITE, and it embodied their understanding of the shared values that drive both the Thai and the Philippine market. Because of the humid climate of both the Philippines and Thailand, the commonly thick, rich moisturizers available on the market were simply wrong for consumers. They wanted a light moisturizer that was deeply hydrating–but not oily. 

Since SNAILWHITE entered the Philippine market in 2019, this insight was proven to be correct as sales of the product exploded.

Following up on the success of SNAILWHITE, Future Glow brought in Oxecure, a skincare line for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin, and TRIZIE, a line of wellness and fiber supplements.

Future Plans for Future Glow Philippines

Future Glow currently distributes and grows a growing stable of brands. These brands include SNAILWHITE, Oxecure, SPARKLE, TRIZIE, SOLA, SNAKE, Naked Collagen, vitanature+, and Twin Releaf.

Soon, the company plans to bring in Thai Herbal Inhalers, which have proven to be a viral success in Thailand, and food supplements such as fiber blends, collagen powders and jellies for skin, hair and nails.

According to Peach, “I know that as Asians, we are always going to prioritize self-care and selecting only the best but safe ingredients that will solve our skin [body, and life] concerns.”

With all these future plans in place, one gets the sense that Future Glow Philippines is only beginning. Peach says, “In the end, it’s not the strongest or smartest that will win, but those who are willing to adapt.”

He continues, “We will expand assertively in [these] emerging categories because we see the trend already happening in Thailand. I’m confident that Filipinos will enjoy and be excited with our new brand launches and campaigns.”

Future Glow Philippines owns brands like SNAILWHITE, Oxecure, SPARKLE, TRIZIE, SOLA, SNAKE, Naked Collagen, vitanature+, and Twin Releaf.

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