Open Call for Nominations for The Business Manual CEO Awards 2023

The Business Manual CEO Awards celebrates visionary leadership beyond boundaries.

Businesses play a pivotal role in shaping a nation’s economy, serving as catalysts for job creation, enhanced productivity, financial growth, and the exploration of global opportunities. The Philippines, in particular, boasts a vibrant business landscape, with over a million enterprises operating, predominantly comprising Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at 99.59%, and large enterprises at 0.41%, as reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2022, with these numbers undoubtedly having surged since.

At the helm of these enterprises stand visionary leaders. These individuals not only provide direction and vision but also make critical decisions, surmount challenges, foster innovation, drive business growth, and much more, underscoring their indispensable role in the overall success of their organizations.

Among these diverse leaders are those who have made remarkable contributions to their companies. The Business Manual is proud to announce its first event dedicated to honoring these exceptional figures: The Business Manual CEO Awards 2023.

What Is The Business Manual CEO Awards 2023?

As The Business Manual commemorates its first year in the publishing industry, it aspires to pay tribute to trailblazers who consistently innovate and steer their enterprises toward brighter horizons. Whether they are self-made visionaries or influential corporate titans, this event aims to shine a spotlight on their accomplishments.

“Embracing a culture of recognition and distinction, I am delighted to introduce The Business Manual CEO Awards 2023,” declares One MEGA Group Inc. CEO, Archie Carrasco. “This initiative transcends the boundaries of our organization and is designed to celebrate exceptional business leaders representing diverse industries across the Philippines.”

Carrasco further emphasizes, “This collaborative endeavor underscores our unwavering commitment to acknowledging outstanding individuals who are propelling innovation and prosperity within the business community.”

RJ Ledesma, Editor-in-Chief of The Business Manual, adds, “We are in search of leaders who embody both transformation and motivation. The Business Manual CEO Awards seeks to honor those who will serve as beacons, inspiring the next generation of CEOs and entrepreneurs.”

Nominations for The Business Manual CEO Awards 2023 are now open, inviting the business community and the public to identify and put forward these exceptional leaders who have left an indelible mark on the corporate landscape.

The public call for nominations is now officially underway. You may visit to nominate deserving business leaders and executives. For more information, you may visit The Business Manual website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.