From not having any experience in making polymer clay accessories to receiving bulk orders from abroad, Bianca Sanchez shares how she started her online business with just PHP 3,000.

The e-commerce industry is a lucrative one and has boomed even more since the pandemic! In fact, e-commerce market sales in the Philippines reached $17 billion (around PHP 911.98 billion) in 2021 alone. This comes as no surprise, especially since platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora have become popular.

What's more, online businesses found on social media apps like Facebook, and Instagram, and even messaging apps like Viber picking up traction, too!

Bringing all that together, the number of online businesses grew to a staggering 93,318 in January 2021, given that there used to be only 1,700 of them back in March 2020. This just goes to show that the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders opened up opportunities for people to explore different passions and open online businesses from their personal hobbies—passion projects, so to speak. 

Such is the case when Bianca Sanchez started her Sequined Soul PH during the height of the pandemic. An online business that features handcrafted accessories made using polymer clay, it has since then amassed a loyal following. But would you believe that she actually wasn’t experienced with her chosen medium at first and that she started out with just PHP 3,000 capital?

Despite this, she has made numerous beautiful, artistic accessories since starting from scratch. This is her story. 

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