Oil Prices Surge Following Sanctions and Exiting Companies in Russia

From sweeping sanctions against Russian companies and banks to major global companies exiting, the Russian oil trade is in disarray as oil prices shoot up.

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine last week, the oil trade industry in Russia was in disarray. Producers postponed sales, importers rejected Russian ships, and many buyers worldwide sought alternatives for their much-needed crude oil following the sanctions imposed against Moscow.

But that's not all. Many global energy companies like BP, Equinor, and Shell have abandoned their multibillion-dollar positions in Russia. What's more, sources add that British energy company BP—the biggest foreign investor in Russia—has already canceled all of its fuel oil loadings from the Russian Black Sea port of Taman.

“I have been deeply shocked and saddened by the situation unfolding in Ukraine and my heart goes out to everyone affected. It has caused us to fundamentally rethink BP’s position with Rosneft,” BP chief executive Bernard Looney said, referencing Russian integrated energy company Rosneft, which accounts for around half of BP’s oil and gas reserves and a third of its production.