From New York to the Philippines: Vogue Goes Local in 2022

The iconic American fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue will be making its debut in the Philippines this 2022.

With a potential of $149M in revenue, specifically in the luxury apparel segment in the Philippines, the need to be updated with the latest news and trends is very much important. In fact, statistics show that this percentage is set to increase, with an 8.63% growth year on year. Thus, luxury fashion will forever be a relevant industry here in the Philippines.

And when you think of luxury fashion magazines, the first title that comes to mind is none other than Vogue. An icon that spans over 100 years, this magazine first started out in New York City. It has now made its rounds around the globe—with 28 international editions to date.

Today, Condé Nast proudly announces the arrival of its 29th international edition. “We’re thrilled to launch our 29th edition of Vogue in the Philippines, a country with a growing luxury fashion market and a vibrant creative scene. The title will launch as a digital-first media brand with a monthly print edition and will serve as an exciting addition to our global Vogue network,” says Markus Grindel, Managing Director of Global Brand Licensing at Condé Nast.

Through this prestigious partnership with MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI)—the sister company of One Mega Group (OMG)—Vogue Philippines will be making its debut by the third quarter of 2022.