Whether it's knowing the most in-demand jobs for the year, finding online courses to beef up your resume, and more, we list everything there is to know about making that career switch.

Did you know that based on Monster.com's survey last 2018, around 88% of Filipinos consider leaving their careers for better jobs in another industry? In fact, 54% of Filipinos would like to switch careers to get better salaries and achieve financial stability, while 23% said that they lacked growth opportunities in their current field.

“The prospect of a career change is worrying for a majority of the workforce in the Philippines, but it’s also the most desirable option to earn more money and explore opportunities beyond what they have studied,” says Abhijeet Mukherjee, the CEO of Monster.com for the Asia Pacific and Gulf regions. 

This is why for those who want to make the switch, we list in-demand roles that you can get into this 2023, along with sites that offer online courses that will help you improve your skillset and what you need to consider before even changing jobs or careers.

Top 10 Hottest Jobs and Top 10 In-Demand Roles

For those who are considering a change in career, JobStreet has unveiled its top 10 list of hottest jobs for the year 2023. These include: 

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