This Messaging App Will Soon Let You Easily Book Flights and Hotels and Pay Online

Messaging apps are useful for more than just communicating these days, given that you can even use one of them when you travel. Here’s how you can leverage that.

After a 22% growth in users in the Philippines in 2022, messaging app Viber aims to bring more features and services to Filipinos. In fact, it will soon allow Filipino users to book and even pay for flights and hotel accommodations using the app. And while it is big news here in the Philippines, such services are not new to Viber—as they are already being offered by the app in countries such as Nepal and Myanmar. 

Rakuten Viber’s Vice President for Growth Top Markets Atanas Raykov said in an interview that these new services will be available by early next year. “When you put all these pieces together, the local merchants, the travel aspect, the payments, the interactive tools, and systems, then we approach the critical mass of futuristic functionalities,” says the Viber vice president.

“This is our ultimate vision that you regard Viber as a [tool] where you can do a lot of useful things related to your life,” he adds.

Booking Flights, Accommodations via Viber

Raykov adds that the Viber’s travel solutions are backed by travel industry partners and such offerings make “a lot of sense.” This is due to the fact that travel has picked up following the ease of the restrictions that were placed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other countries where Viber’s travel features are already available, users are able to use the app’s Booking Chat Extension, which “has over 1.2 million hotels worldwide to choose from, and with nearly 120 million hotel reviews,” according to Viber’s website.

A New Payment Solution

The payment solution that Viber is planning to launch is called Viber Pay. To date, it is already available in countries such as Greece and Germany with the goal of being a standalone wallet. According to the Viber vice president, users will be able to send money and even enjoy great discounts from partner merchants when using Viber Pay. 

Raykov assures that the company is developing additional features that will hopefully be available by the time Viber Pay launches in the Philippines. He likewise disclosed that the company is in talks with a potential local partner for the implementation of Viber Pay. 

How This Can Help Businesses in the Long Run

When it is launched, Viber Pay will be the latest addition to the payment solutions available in the market. Businesses offering goods and services can take advantage of this by adding it to their modes of payment, which will provide customers with a convenient and wide array of cashless options to choose from.

Businesses in the tourism industry, on the other hand, can partner with Viber for its flight and hotel booking service. This will allow airlines and hotels to reach a wider audience who may want to book flights and accommodations for their travel.