LOOK: This Local Water Services Company Planning to Expand Overseas

Currently, the company is providing water services to Metro Manila’s east network zone, which includes cities such as Marikina and Pasig.

Manila Water, which currently serves over 7.4 million residents, is planning to increase that number with its planned expansion both domestically and internationally. And to date, the company currently serves Metro Manila’s east zone network, which is made up of the following cities:

  • Makati
  • Mandaluyong
  • Marikina
  • Pasig
  • Pateros
  • San Juan
  • Portions of Quezon City
  • Portions of Manila
  • Several towns in the province of Rizal

For its local expansion, Manila Water is eyeing “highly dense populations,” according to Manila Water Chief Administrative Officer Roberto Locsin. This planned expansion is, as of press time, being discussed between Manila Water and local government units.

“We’re optimistic but in the Philippines, we’d like to focus on highly dense populations,” says Locsin. “I’ll give you an example: Davao City. One of the fastest-growing cities in Davao is Panabo. We want to be present [there].” 

How Manila Water Plans to Expand Overseas

As for its overseas expansion, Manila Water is planning to do so in locations where International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) operates. According to its official website, ICTSI has locations in Asia, South America, and Africa. To date, both ICTSI and Manila Water are chaired by Enrique Razon

According to Manila Water’s chief administrative officer, part of their overseas expansion strategy includes concession-based businesses and public-private partnerships for bulk water supply. They are also looking at build-operate-own and build-operate-transfer schemes. 

How Manila Water’s Expansion Can Benefit Businesses

Manila Water’s planned expansion will provide a steady, reliable supply for the areas that they serve. These include the different businesses that are located in these areas. 

Having a reliable and steady water supply is particularly helpful for businesses in the food and beverage industry and other businesses that rely heavily on water. These include car wash establishments as well as hotels and other businesses under the accommodations sector.