Learn How to Grow Your Business Digitally in This Retail and E-commerce Summit

With the theme “Scaling Digital Strategies Towards Growth,” this year’s summit aims to unlock the full potential of retail and e-commerce in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

The rise of digitization, coupled with the recent COVID-19 pandemic that forced everyone into lockdown, has resulted in a drastic growth in e-commerce, or simply, online selling. In fact, the International Trade Administration reported that e-commerce’s global retail sales went from 13.6% of the market share to 18% in the first year of the pandemic alone. 

Meanwhile, from a local standpoint, reports indicate that 86% of Filipinos turn to e-commerce marketplaces for their shopping. What’s more, the Philippines’ e-commerce market is valued at $18.16 billion (around PHP 1 trillion), whereas the Philippines’ overall retail sales value totaled $53.6 billion (around PHP 2.96 trillion) in 2021. And this amount is forecasted to reach a whopping total of $68.71 billion (around PHP 3.79 trillion) in 2026.

These numbers show that e-commerce is a lucrative business model that can help businesses, especially those in the retail industry. But in a competitive landscape where many brands and sellers have populated the online space, what can businesses do to stand out?

This is where the Retail and E-commerce Summit Asia comes in. A highly-anticipated event set to take place on July 12 to 13 at Shangri-La the Fort, this Festival of Brands brings together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from across the region to share how they grew their respective businesses in a series of discussions.

Scaling Digital Strategies Towards Growth

With the main theme “Scaling Digital Strategies Towards Growth,” this year’s Retail and E-Commerce Summit Asia highlights insights from an esteemed roster of influential executives, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the retail and e-commerce sectors.

Through this two-day event, attendees can expect topics like leveraging marketing analytics, mastering customer experience, mobile marketing, and smart warehouses, as well as elevating the customer experience. This will all be spread throughout a series of breakout sessions, keynote presentations, and panel discussions.

After the event, attendees will be able to connect and learn from like-minded professionals, exchange knowledge, and gain actionable strategies to drive growth, adapt to evolving consumer behavior, and optimize their digital presence.

“More to it is an opportunity to witness cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and services from leading companies, providing participants with hands-on experiences and a glimpse into the future of retail and e-commerce,” the event organizer shares.

For more information about the RESA Fiesta, including registration details, agenda, speaker updates, and pricing please visit https://resa.rockbirdmedia.com/ph/.