World’s Largest Gaming Guild Holds Premiere Web3 Games Summit in the Philippines

Yield Guild Games (YGG) powers up the country’s first Web3 Games Summit where players can explore, learn, and contribute to the development of Web3 games.

According to research, the global gaming market has experienced a significant spike in recent years and is expected to continue expanding. In fact, in 2022, the gaming market was valued at $249.55 billion (around PHP13.82 trillion) and is projected to reach $665.77 billion (around PHP36.88 trillion) by 2030. These statistics indicate the immense popularity and potential of play-to-earn (P2E) model that is introduced by Web3 gaming.

But what is Web3 gaming? A new model that has been making waves in the tech industry, it allows players to engage with games in innovative and decentralized ways. This means that they can play to earn via cryptocurrencies and NFTs, thus giving power to the player via ownership of in-game assets—as game operators still reserve the copyrights to the in-game content when it comes to traditional gaming models. 

To celebrate the innovative work of game developers worldwide, Yield Guild Games (YGG) powers up the country’s first Web3 Games Summit with activities like a game jam hackathon, conferences, game expos, and e-sports tournaments for attendees that help provide insights into the future of gaming.

YGG is the world’s first and biggest Web3 gaming guild, where players can join communities, discover games, and develop skills for Web3 ecosystems.

The First-ever Web3 Event in the Philippines

Happening from November 18 to 25, the summit will be attended by Web3 leaders, speakers, game developers, students, and active gamers from around the world who are seeking new ways to earn and maintain an edge in the swiftly changing digital environment.

During the week-long summit, attendees will have an opportunity to engage with international and local speakers, attend the three-day expo, participate in a two-day hackathon, and join a host of other activities. More than 40 Web3 games will be showcased—including Ragnarok Landverse, Pixelmon, PROJECT XENO, Parallel, Mighty Action Heroes, Anito Legends, Metacene, Star Atlas, and Axie Infinity: Origins.

Mench Dizon, Country Head of YGG Pilipinas, believes the summit will offer the country’s gaming community “a first-hand glimpse” of the upcoming trends in Web3 gaming.

“The Filipino Web3 gaming community will be among the first to learn about where the industry is headed as blockchain technologies continue to evolve, and how mutual support will be beneficial in the long run as communities become even more interconnected,” says Dizon.

Aside from supporting the country’s Web3 gaming community, the summit aims to help Filipinos unlock opportunities in the Metaverse through Superqeusts and the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) and promote Web3 adoption in the Philippines.

YGG at the Forefront of Web3 Adoption

In line with its project, the YGG continues to be at the forefront of promoting Web3 adoption in the Philippines and helping Filipinos unlock opportunities in the global gaming market. 

As a pioneering force in Web3 gaming, YGG fosters a community-driven ecosystem where players can explore, learn, and contribute to developing Web3 games. This signals the importance of community involvement and collaboration in shaping the future of gaming.

Furthermore, inviting game enthusiasts from around the world will likely encourage more people to play online games which will increase spending on these games that, in turn, will uplift the industry’s revenues—both locally and globally.

The Web3 Games Summit will be held at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, with tickets available at For those who couldn’t join in person, seven regional watch parties will be held.