Klean Kanteen Debuts New Bottle for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Klean Kanteen’s new Breast Cancer Awareness Month bottle celebrates the beauty of scars with its Pink Patches design.

Breast Cancer Awareness takes center stage every October in a global effort to advocate the prevention of this disease. A Pink Month movement pioneered by a collaborative effort between the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, CancerCare, Inc., and a variety of other sponsors, the goal was to raise awareness and gain funding for research for a cure.

But aside from pharmaceutical companies, businesses have also created campaigns of their own to support this social cause. And Klean Kanteen Philippines is one of them.

Klean Kanteen is a US-based company that specializes in reusable stainless steel products. In fact, its first claim to fame lies in its BPA-free stainless steel water bottles. “From the very beginning, Klean Kanteens have been built with love— the love of adventure, the love of conserving wild places, and the love of replacing single-use plastic,” the brand website states.

Thus founded by a brand philosophy of eradicating single-use plastics to help the environment, this company is undeniably a staunch supporter of many social issues, including Breast Cancer Awareness.

Every Scar Has a Story

Companies that participate in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign often release a pink-themed product that its customers may purchase, where proceeds of these sales go to the chosen charity or association of choice.

Klean Kanteen is no different with the annual release of its millennial pink bottle. But this year, the company takes on a different approach with a new Breast Cancer Awareness campaign bottle design—one that celebrates the beauty of scars.

“The personal challenge the brand set out to tackle this year was to reclaim the nature of mastectomy scars,” Klean Kanteen explains. “Where others see scars as marks of pain and brokenness, we feel that they also are banners of healing and resilience. In short: we believe that every scar has a story worth telling, celebrating, and sharing.”

In line with that, Klean Kanteen’s 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness bottle—fondly named Pink Patches—encourages women of all shapes, ages, sizes, and afflictions to share, celebrate, and highlight the many physical and emotional marks that make them who they are today.

“After all, strong women deserve a strong bottle—one that celebrates the marks that make their best and fiercest self today,” the company adds. 

Klean Kanteen’s 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Bottle

The new Klean Kanteen bottle features a distinct black body with intercrossing pink lines to represent the scars that mark every strong woman—scars that are beautiful and meant to be celebrated.

The vacuum insulated 20oz TKWide was created with versatility and portability in mind, striving to be the wide-mouth water bottle of choice for sports, hydration, outdoor, and wellness enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.

Made with BPA-free stainless steel in true Klean Kanteen fashion, the bottle is strong and made to last, just like every strong woman. But it’s not just any kind of steel. In fact, the bottle uses 90% post-consumer certified recycled steel and comes with a splash-proof Twist Cap with a built-in reusable stainless steel straw.

What’s more, the Klean Kanteen Pink Patches bottle comes with Klean Kanteen’s signature Climate Lock insulation system, which keeps drinks iced for up to 59 hours. Its TK Closure™ internal thread design features a rounded lip for comfortable drinking and easy cleaning. And best of all, it is dishwasher-friendly.

But why Pink Patches? That’s because this Klean Kanteen bottle comes with a sheet of stickers—featuring the brand’s sweetest (and pinkest!) affirmative stickers for you to patch up your bottle with.

As a tradition, part of the proceeds from the sales of Klean Kanteen’s Pink Patches will be donated to the ICanServe Foundation. These donations will go towards funding mentorship programs and preventive testing measures for women at risk of contracting or currently living with breast cancer.

Photos from Klean Kanteen


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Shop the limited edition 20oz TKWide with Twist Cap in Pink Patches now at all Klean Kanteen and Certified Calm branches. You can also shop the bottles online at www.certifiedcalm.com and on Instagram at @shopcertifiedcalm.