Up for Grabs: JobStreet and CSC Offer 20,000 Government Jobs

Find future-ready jobs as JobStreet teams up with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to debut its nationwide Government Online Career Fair.

Job hunting has already been competitive, even in the past, but with the pandemic and many fresh graduates entering the workforce—and not to mention returning experienced and even migrant workers—the stakes are much, much higher. What’s more, the criteria for looking for jobs have changed, as many Filipinos look for jobs that fit their lifestyle and preference.

With that in mind, the leading online job portal JobStreet by SEEK partnered with the Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC) to launch its very own Government Online Career Fair. Very timely, too, as the two organizations are committed to providing future-ready government jobs for Filipinos, most especially for fresh graduates.

Set to take place from September 14 to 23, 2022, the career fair will offer over 20,000 available government jobs—both on the JobStreet platform and on the Government Online Career fair—which include various roles like Guidance Counselor, Administrative Aide, Revenue Officer, Engineer, Planning Officer, Medical Officer, Nurse, and the like.

What’s more, interested applicants can also explore other vacancies for Project Development Officer, Accountant, Auditor, Executive Assistant, and Information Technology Officer, among others. 

JobStreet and the Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC)

A Malaysian company that was founded in 1997, JobStreet is now Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company—according to Forbes. Through its employment website, it serves about 80,000 corporate customers and 11 million job seekers.

In the year 2014, it became a subsidiary of SEEK—a diverse group of companies comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial, and volunteer businesses. To date, this employment platform is committed to helping people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and helping organizations succeed.

On the other hand, the CSC is a government organization that is tasked with overseeing the integrity of government actions and processes. It was established in 1900 through Act No. 5 of the Philippine Commission and was made into a bureau in 1905. As the central personnel agency of the Philippine government, the CSC is responsible for the policies, plans, and programs that concern all civil service employees.

Together, the two hope to give job opportunities to Filipinos, especially those who want to start their journey in the government field.

Future-ready Job Opportunities at Your Fingertips

This year’s Government Online Career Fair will be held simultaneously with the 122nd anniversary of civil service in the Philippines.

With that being said,120 government agencies will be joining the job fair. These include the Department of Health (DOH)​, Department of Environment and Natural Resource (DENR)​, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Commission on Elections (COMELEC)​, Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)​, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), and many more.

“For two years since the pandemic, JobStreet and the Civil Service Commission have successfully helped Filipinos find government jobs through online channels. With this year’s online career fair, we hope we’ll be able to empower more candidates with future-ready opportunities,” shares JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.

With this many government jobs for the taking, JobStreet emphasizes that this will be a good time for candidates—including fresh graduates—to establish a steady career progression. What’s more, aspiring employees can take advantage of networking opportunities while finding a sense of purpose in helping the nation.

But beyond working hard, the job portal also adds that most of these government jobs offer a work-life balance, which is currently a top priority for most Filipino applicants. 

Empowering the “Lockdown Generation”

Aside from being a melting pot for job opportunities, the Government Online Career Fair will also allow candidates to learn more from webinars that are conducted by career experts. Topics include working for a digital job, building a website, a career in government, and government job flexibility, among others.

What’s more, the job fair aims to help empower fresh graduates who have been facing numerous labor market challenges due to the pandemic. In fact, young jobseekers here in the Philippines face multiple labor market risks such as severe disruptions in education and training, low earnings, limited employment prospects, and magnified job search constraints. This, compounded by the need for digital tools and devices, make securing job opportunities difficult. 

And JobStreet, together with the CSC, seeks to help with that.

“While digital tools and innovation can help continue education and upskilling and is an advantage for the youth, there’s much more that is needed to be done for our country to catch up when it comes to internet access, speed, and affordability. The youth needs to be supported in their journey to having access to job opportunities,” explains JobStreet Philippines Head of Marketing Kim Viray.

With that being said, JobStreet and CSC will be offering 2,000 on the GOCF platform and roughly 20,000 on JobStreet—both of which are open for fresh graduates nationwide. Top roles include Engineers, Administrative Officers, Revenue Officers, Nurses, Executive Assistants, Accountants, Auditors, and IT officers.

Photo from JobStreet and Unsplash

Find future-ready government jobs and register for the Government Online Career Fair via https://jobstreet.com.ph/GOCF22/go.