Rage applying is a new corporate buzzword and while it seems to be the answer to many frustrated employees’ woes, we delve into whether it is a wise choice.

Believe it or not, a company will experience an average of 18% turnover rate in its workforce every year. And this turnover is influenced by different factors. There are employees who are terminated because of poor performance—known as involuntary turnover. On the other hand, there are those who choose to resign for reasons that include health, family, as well as overall dissatisfaction with the job or even the company itself. 

The last part is what fuels "rage applying"—the latest corporate buzzword that quickly ballooned into a trend, thanks to streaming platform TikTok.

In this article, we delve into what rage applying means, what businesses can do about it, and whether it is something frustrated employees can explore.

What is Rage Applying and Why Do People Do It?

Called a “Gen Z corporate trend” by LinkedIn, rage applying is the buzzword that refers to a point “when young employees in professional fields get fed up with the workload, boss, compensation, or all of the above and apply to as many other companies as they can while soaking in their anger.” 

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