IN PHOTOS: Top Business Leaders Spotted at 14th MEGA Ball

Some of the country’s top chief executives and business leaders were spotted at MEGA Ball: Fashion + Food, the 14th iteration of the annual event.

Some of the country’s top chief executives and business leaders were spotted at the MEGA Ball 2024, an annual celebration honoring Filipino talent and excellence in the arts.

After a brilliant collaboration with the visual arts industry last year with MEGA Ball: Art + Fashion, this year’s event honored the gustatory masters reshaping the Philippines’ culinary landscape with MEGA Ball: Fashion + Food. The theme features the stories of nine Pinoy Pride awardees who have shown their top-tier talent and inventiveness in the food and beverage industry.

Visionary restaurateur Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo, President and CEO of Wildflour, led the event, as she highlighted how the dining scene has been elevated by the high-caliber culinary maestros continuing to shine in the local scene. She was in charge of curating the event’s honorees as she blended the realms of food and fashion.

Culinary Arts and Fashion Intertwine

The MEGA Ball, held annually every Philippine Independence Day and now on its 24th iteration, showcases “the work of designers, chefs, and artisans to elevate and contribute to the growth of creatives in the Philippines,” according to Editor-in-Chief of MEGA, Peewee Reyes-Isidro.

“Food and fashion are both everyday things that we sometimes take for granted, but they are also so steeped in culture and are avenues for artistic and creative expression. These are where Filipinos have proven to excel on the world stage as well,” de Ocampo said. “This year’s MEGA Ball is the perfect venue to celebrate the intersection of these two diverse disciplines. It shows that they are both art forms that allow for much experimentation, aesthetic and experiential pleasure, and a sense of belonging and community.”

Mega Ball 2024: Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo, President and CEO of Wildflour
Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo, President and CEO of Wildflour

Prominent CEOs and business personalities joined some of the country’s renowned fashion designers, celebrities, influencers, society members, politicians, and artists in attending this year’s Mega Ball, held at the Shangri-La The Fort, Manila.

Guests were treated to the sumptuous creations of the culinary honorees, starting from aperitifs, continuing with four courses, and finishing off with dessert. The honorees were Lee Watson, Chef Walter Manzke, Chef Chele Gonzalez, Chef Margarita Fores, Chef Miko Calo, Chef Stephan Duhesme, Chef josh Boutwood, Chef Joris Rycken, and Chef Margie Manzke.

Popular music act SB19 also engaged the crowd with their heartfelt rendition of Ryan Cayabyab’s “O Bayan Ko,” which invoked Filipino nationalism in those hearing the performance.

Business Leaders and Top Executives Spotted

Here are photos of the prominent business people seen in MEGA Ball 2024:

Steven Tan, SM Supermalls President
Alice Eduardo, President and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction
Grab PH Country Head Grace Vera Cruz and AGC Power Holdings Corp. CEO Archie Carrasco
Cristalle Belo-Pitt, Managing Director of Intelligent Skincare Incorporated
Kathy Huang and Rustan’s Commercial Corporation Vice President Mike Huang
Aivee Group Founder and COO Aivee Teo, and CEO Z Teo
Nagi Group President Erickson Farillas and Plains and Prints Founder Roxanne Farillas
Jonah Sison-Ramos, CEO of Dear Face Beauty
Mastercard PH Country Manager Simon Calasanz, Sta. Elena Construction President and CEO Alice Eduardo, and Mastercard PH Head of Accounts Mike Miranda
Kerry Tinga and Cultural Center of the Philippines President Kaye Tinga
Avignon owners Chris Cachuela and Benedict Sy, and Marketing Manager Faye Ramirez
Grab PH Director for Public Affairs Sherielysse Bonifacio, Director for Deliveries Greg Camacho, and Country Head Grace Vera Cruz
Elyse Aesthetics Co-Founder Anne Caoile
Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group CEO and Founder Anna Magwakas

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