Under the leadership of the group's Mayora, Home Buddies flourished in the middle of the pandemic as it united millions of home enthusiasts and helped businesses grow.

You cannot talk about things that went viral during the COVID-19 pandemic and not mention Home Buddies. Now 3.1 million members strong, this Facebook group became a safe haven for Filipinos who have a shared interest and passion in home improvement during a very uncertain period in our country’s history. 

Three years since its creation, Home Buddies has become more than just a group where people can fawn over and even critique each other’s home decor decisions. It has since then become a venue for businesses to get their fair share of the spotlight—all thanks to community marketing. 

To understand how Home Buddies came to be and how it eventually grew into the dynamic community that it is today, we talked to the founder, Frances Lim Cabatuando, who you might know best as the group’s Mayora. 

How Home Buddies Came to Be

Home Buddies started from something simple but very personal for Frances, which is her passion for anything and everything home-related. 

“It started when I got my own room after 21 years of sharing a

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