Learning How To Manage Your Employees The Right Way

Completed Staff Work is a practice that ensures productivity and efficiency. Here's how you can implement it, both in managing employees and in your business.

One of the most difficult tasks of business owners is managing their employees so they can execute their jobs correctly or in accordance with their expectations. But many times, business owners are frustrated because their employees just don’t get it. Before a job is thoroughly completed, repeated instructions had to be made, back and forth revisions need to be done, and consequently, deadlines are missed.

Financial Investigations at the FBI

In my experience as a business consultant for both local and international companies, I noticed a management practice adopted by a number of organizations abroad—mostly non-profit and government agencies—that seem to address the issue of having to repeatedly instruct employees to go about their tasks.

Back in the day, when I was working abroad in the US, I also observed this practice when I was assigned as a member of an FBI-led public corruption task force. At the time, I was the forensic accounting expert in the FBI task force (translation: the “numbers guy”) since I was a CPA and familiar with financial structures.