Macy Castillo girl-bossed her way to make the local e-commerce scene thrive. Now, she’s looking forward to opening her own platform.

According to statistics, the e-commerce market in the Philippines has reached a staggering USD 17 billion (around PHP 965.79 billion) in 2021. This is attributed to the 73 million online active users in the country. More so, revenue from that sector is also expected to have an annual growth rate of 12.42%, which translates to it having a projected market volume of USD 25.96 billion (around PHP 1.47 trillion) by 2027.

Before this, however, the industry was not thriving, as it had only attained tremendous growth in 2020—during the COVID-19 pandemic. In line with that, Statista also reports that the most popular purchases in the country include fashion items, personal care products, food and beverages, as well as consumer electronics. These can be found in e-commerce sites like Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada, to name a few.

What some people don’t know is that behind the scenes of these e-commerce giants is a woman who applied her expertise in order to help these platforms—specifically Shopee and Zalora—grow into what it is today. How? Through her own platform called Enstack.

In an exclusive interview with The Business Manual, she shares more of her story, as well as how she attained success in the e-commerce space.

Bringing Her Expertise to Local Shores 

Back in the early 2010s, Asia was considered a thriving continent even amid a global financial crisis. In fact, the Southeast Asian region and even the Philippines were ideal areas to do business in, despite facing challenges that placed them far behind more advanced places like the United States, Europe, and China. 

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