Much has been said about how consumers can spot scam businesses, but how about the other way around? Here are signs that you may be dealing with fraudulent customers online.

The last holiday season has been joyful and exciting for many people, but for some, it was the exact opposite of merry. Especially for those who fell victim to digital or online fraud during the holidays. 

In fact, it has been discovered that there was a 70% increase in suspected digital holiday shopping fraud in the country during the 2022 holiday season versus same time period in 2021. But take note that digital shopping fraud wasn’t prevalent just during the holidays because the number recorded for the season is just a 2% increase compared to the rest of 2022. It happens all year round, too.

While there are undoubtedly just as many fraudulent businesses online, customers can also be fraudulent. We’ve seen multiple instances of it, such as the time actress Kris Bernal fell victim to a whopping 23 fake Grab Food deliveries

But while detecting fraudulent businesses is one thing—with word of mouth and testimonials shared online—identifying fraudulent customers is just as hard. Not to worry. We list some warning signs to watch out for, which can help you detect them. 

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