In this exclusive interview, we talk to Mikee Federizo about her passion for marketing, becoming CEO before hitting 30, and being the bridge between her family’s group of companies.

At just 28 years old, Mikee Federizo is a second-generation entrepreneur and the CEO of her own marketing agency. But that's not all. In a matter of just 6 months, the company was bringing in six figures of revenue... in dollars!

The business maverick credits her success to having been trained to be an entrepreneur ever since she was three years old. After all, her family owns Cosmotech Philippines, Inc.—one of the top companies in the field of information technology in the country. But while it was expected that she would find herself with a career in technology, her true passion has always been marketing.

However, contrary to what most may think, Mikee did not separate herself from her family’s successful tech business, as she still maintains a role in the company. To date, the multi-hyphenated girl boss pursues her passion for marketing through her agency, while staying rooted in her family and their businesses. Here's how she does it.

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