Facebook has been the go-to for many online businesses to both advertise and sell. Here's how you can create content that not only stands out but shows up in the Facebook algorithm.

Believe it or not, there are now around 90.2 million Facebook users in the Philippines. This covers approximately 79% of our total population, which means that majority of the people in our country have Facebook accounts.

That being said, it isn't a surprise that many—if not all—businesses prioritized their social media presence, especially on Facebook. After all, having a Facebook page has become the norm for businesses, with many people selling directly on the platform. 

However, getting posts to show up on other people’s Facebook feeds is actually not as simple as just typing a status and attaching a video or photo. Aside from the stiff competition between brands and companies with pages on Facebook, it is important to first understand how the Facebook algorithm works and how it decides what appears on people’s feeds. 

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

Simply put, the Facebook algorithm decides which posts people see when they open their feeds. Think of it as a set of rules and calculations that sorts through all the posts and determines which ones interest you. 

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