LOOK: Hotels in the Philippines are Looking to Hire More Workers

According to an official from the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association, there seems to be a shortage of professionals in the hospitality industry.

With 30,000 hotel rooms expected to open within the next 15 months, hotels here in the Philippines are looking to hire more workers. In particular, hotels are looking to hire for a number of positions—including front office, sales, and marketing.

Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) President Loleth So said that there is a shortage of professionals in the industry. “We still have a shortage because a lot of our sales and marketing professionals in the hospitality industry have moved elsewhere,” she said during a media briefing

Need for Tourism Workers, Fresh Graduates

HSMA Director Celeste Romualdo also added that there is a need for fresh tourism graduates. “Because of the opening of hotels and [the fact that] there were fewer graduates of tourism, it’s really difficult to find qualified applicants for the position—even entry-level positions. We’re having a hard time,” she lamented.

However, Department of Tourism (DOT) NCR Regional Director Sharlene Zabala-Batin admitted the ongoing shortage of professionals is actually due to the lack of skills. Because of this, the tourism department plans to work hand-in-hand with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to conduct job fairs for tourism workers.

How This is Beneficial for the Industry

As the tourism industry recovers after being badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of thousands of rooms signals a brighter future for the hotel sector. In fact, the sector has been making headlines for the past few months due to many exciting projects that are in the pipeline. 

One of which is the planned five-star hotel in Panglao, Bohol by Marriott International. Radisson Hotel Group’s deal with the Sy-led SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC) has also made headlines, as the partnership is expected to lead to the opening of 14 hotels in just five years

With thousands of hotel rooms set to open for use, the hiring of workers in the hotel sector is also good news for those in need of employment—may it be fresh graduates or those looking to switch careers. However, many jobs in the sector require a certain set of skills in order for an applicant to qualify. 

Should anyone be interested in applying for open positions in the hotel sector, the applicant should make sure that he or she has the required skills and knowledge for the position. If that is not the case, the applicant can always make the effort to acquire knowledge and learn the necessary skills.