Digital Health Insurance Startup Acquires Popular HMO in the Philippines

Hive Health is working towards making healthcare more accessible to Filipinos.

With an extensive nationwide network of over 60,000 doctors and 1,700 hospitals and clinics, digital health insurance startup Hive Health has announced its acquisition of Health Plan Philippines, Inc. (HPPI). HPPI is a popular HMO in the Philippines, one of the best-known service providers in the country.

Due to the acquisition, Hive Health will now have the capacity to share its technology and data-driven innovations with HPPI’s existing members. In addition to that, HPPI’s nationwide provider network and 37 years worth of institutional knowledge will be used to further redefine the patient experience across virtual and in-person care. 

“Hive Health has been a valued partner of HPPI given our shared missions,” says HPPI CEO Natasha Reyes. “I have seen how the team is able to deliver changes to improve the patient experience much faster than I would have expected, and how they genuinely care about making healthcare accessible to more Filipinos.”

Why Did Hive Health Partner with an HMO in the Philippines? 

Hive Health was founded by Camille Ang and Jiawen Tang while they were both students at Harvard and Stanford. It is a full-stack digital health insurer that offers hassle-free, comprehensive HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) health plans for SMEs and startups, encompassing outpatient, inpatient, emergency, and dental care. 

“We have just begun the hard work of making healthcare radically more accessible,” says Ang, who is also Hive Health’s CEO. 

“We’re also proud of our one-of-a-kind vertically integrated telehealth and care coordination model that bridges virtual and in-person care,” adds Tang, who also serves as the startup’s president. “Patients can book on-demand video teleconsultations with our team of Hive doctors, who use our in-house electronic medical records system to enable patients to get more accurate diagnoses and access the right care whenever they need it.” 

How Employers Can Benefit

Hive Health’s expansion through its acquisition of HPPI is a benefit to employers to the country. This is because the company wants to focus on giving employers a way of providing healthcare to its employees. 

Ang stresses that “The goal is for all Filipinos to feel secure that their health is taken care of, and to give employers a sustainable way to take part in making that happen.” 

In addition, Tang says that “Our goal is to leverage tech and data to make quality healthcare more affordable and easier to use, especially for the underserved SME segment.” 

With startups such as Hive Health making an effort to make healthcare more accessible by acquiring an HMO in the Philippines, local employers should can this opportunity to provide healthcare benefits to its employees. Healthcare benefits are one of the major draws that bring new employees to a company and it also gives employees reasons to stay. 

Providing such benefits can ensure the happiness and health of employees, which in turn will make them more productive members of the company.