The success of any business lies in how it is perceived by its customers. This is why five key business personalities shared their knowledge of marketing strategies at Growth Con PH. 

One of the things that businesses aim to achieve is brand loyalty—which pertains to how they’ll be able to retain their customers, no matter how many competitors arise. To achieve this, it is important for businesses to stay consistent with their products and services.

In a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2013, around 80% of internet-savvy Filipinos would buy from familiar brands rather than switch to new brands. And even now, not much has changed, given that Filipinos in general still prefer sticking with the brands they already know. Why? Because of reasons like familiarity, credibility, and effective marketing strategies, among others.

Marketing and brand loyalty go hand in hand, especially since the former is what encourages people to try a product through educational content and endorsements, which builds up brand loyalty through repeat purchases. This can be done through various marketing channels like social media, influencers, traditional advertisements, or just good reviews—just to name a few.

Fostering brand loyalty and effective marketing strategies can be challenging to maintain, but some brands have pulled it off successfully. With that, The Business Manual gathered some business personalities who excel in this matter so they can share their experiences and learnings at the Growth Con PH held at the Ascott Hotel.

Nina Ellaine Dizon, Founder and CEO of Colourette

Colourette Cosmetics is a Filipina beauty brand that produces multi-use products that are sold at affordable prices. Aside from launching various shades that are made for the Filipino skin tone, they also proudly advertise how their products are inclusive. 

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