Global Music Media Brand Billboard Expands to the Philippines

This new edition of Billboard Philippines marks the brand’s continued global expansion alongside Billboard China, Japan, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, and Georgia.

With about 4.62 million music streaming users in 2022 and an anticipated 5.17 million in 2023, the music industry is undeniably big here in the Philippines. In fact, revenue in the digital music market is projected to reach US$53.43 million (around PHP 2.96 billion) versus US$10.59 million (around PHP 585.78 million) from the United States (US) in 2023, which is where most revenue will be coming from on a global scale.

Moreover, revenue from the music events segment, which covers concerts and music festivals, is projected to show an annual growth rate of 5.17% from 2023 to 2027, resulting in a projected market volume of US$93.51 million (around PHP 5.17 billion) by 2027. And the number of attendees is expected to reach 2.91 million by 2027, too!

All these numbers just point to the numerous business opportunities that artists and companies can take advantage of in the music industry. But doing so will mean staying up to date with the latest trends, events, and news about up-and-coming personalities and artists.

This is where Billboard comes in.

Avid music fans, enthusiasts, and even fellow artists and talents can thus expect a platform for the country’s vast pool of musical talent—through Billboard Philippines.

From the United States to the Philippines

A global music media brand based in the US, Billboard serves as the voice of authority among artists, fans, and the music industry in itself. With a global expansion set in countries like China, Japan, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, and Georgia, the Philippines is the next country on Billboard’s radar.

Together with Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI), a subsidiary of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), Billboard will be launching its local edition: Billboard Philippines. This is set to take place sometime in October 2023.

“AGC PHC has decided to bring Billboard to the Philippines to fill a gap in the local media industry,” says Archie Carrasco, the CEO of AGC PHC. “Billboard’s expertise in music, coupled with our local knowledge and resources, will allow us to create unique content and showcase talent to help take Filipino music to the next level.”

Billboard’s DNA is very much aligned with the Filipino’s deeply rooted love for music,” adds Anne Bernisca, the COO of MMGI. “It’s about time we shine a spotlight on our local artists and bring [Original Pilipino Music] OPM to a wider, global audience.”

Anne Bernisca
Anne Bernisca, the COO of MMGI, will be taking charge of the local division of Billboard Philippines.

A Partnership Between Formidable Media Brands

The debut of Billboard Philippines not only heralds a new wave of music but it also represents a partnership between two formidable media brands.

On an international level, there’s Penske Media Corporation—an American digital media and publishing company based in Los Angeles and New York City. Led by Chairman and CEO Jay Penske, the brand publishes well-known titles like Variety, Rolling Stone, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and more.

Meanwhile, the local arm is represented by Modern Media Group Inc.—the sister company of Mega Global Licensing Inc (MGLI), which holds the license of Vogue Philippines and Nylon Manila, and One Mega Group (OMG), which is home to prestigious local titles in the Philippines. These include fashion brand MEGA; luxury title Lifestyle Asia; architecture and design brand BluPrint; parenting title Modern Parenting; digital sports publication The GAME; and online subscription-based business website, The Business Manual.

Both MGLI and OMG fall under the AGC Power Holdings Corp (AGC PHC) conglomerate, which has aggressively expanded its portfolio to launch new homegrown titles, including international print and digital titles to its roster—even during the height of the pandemic.

Billboard Philippines: The Local Music Authority

As the longstanding and trusted voice of authority in music charts, reviews, events, trends, news, and information related to the music industry, Billboard Philippines will feature diverse music-related topics that largely focus on local talent. By shining the spotlight on local artists and music groups alike, the brand will push the boundaries of traditional local media across a myriad of verticals.

How? By showcasing immersive events, concerts, podcasts, and unforgettable music collaborations that go hand-in-hand with the traditional print and digital magazine formats. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring Billboard to the Philippines—a nation with a rich history of music and an ever-growing passion for the art form,” says Mike Van, the President of Billboard. “We are excited to contribute to the vibrant music scene in the Philippines by sharing its stories, talents, and achievements with the rest of the world.”

“Our expansion into the Philippine market presents an incredible opportunity to connect with a new audience and to further our mission of providing the most comprehensive and insightful coverage of the music industry worldwide. We believe that our presence in the Philippines will help to foster a new era of creativity, collaboration, and success for the music industry in the region and beyond,” he adds.

Avid music fans, enthusiasts, and even fellow artists and talents can thus expect a platform for the country’s vast pool of musical talent—through Billboard Philippines. Beyond that, however, the Filipino edition of Billboard will cover an eclectic array of musical genres including the soulful beats and rhythmic lyrics of urban OPM, acoustic-based arrangements of Pinoy folk-pop, catchy novelty songs, powerful hooks of Filipino rock, and many more.