The CEO and Co-Founder of MAGWAI shares how one particular beach trip led her to launch a brand focusing on environmentally friendly personal care products.

As an archipelago, the Philippines has an abundance of beaches that thousands of visitors flock to every year. And with beach trips come bottles of sunscreen to be purchased and used. But did you know that sunscreen is actually harmful to the ocean?

According to National Geographic, a whopping 82,000 chemicals that originate from personal-care products are said to be tainting the world’s waters each year. Data shows that 14,000 tons (approximately 12.7 million kilograms) of sunscreen are also said to wash into the oceans. 

Despite the damage that sunscreens do to the oceans, there aren’t many ocean-friendly personal care products that are available in the market—particularly here in the Philippines. This gap in the market is what MAGWAI CEO and Co-Founder Czar Carbonel spotted seven years ago.

Joined by her business partners, Maffy Tamayo and Mico Anabo, Czar went on to fill the gap by launching MAGWAI to the market in 2017. To date, the company has grown to earn a massive seven figures in gross sales annually. Here’s how she and her partners did it. 

Czar Carbonel on Her Early Business Ventures 

Czar admits that being an entrepreneur was never her original plan for herself. In fact, after she graduated from college, she ended up starting a career in advertising, specifically in digital media and creative strategy.

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